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Kdesign Business Developments is pleased to be associated with the Infantry and SASC Weapons Collection and its web site since Captain (Retired) David J Cuthbertson ( the Proprietor of Kdesign) is a former member of the Small Arms School Corps.


Fortunate to have started his SASC service as the last Instructor on the Vickers MMG to be accepted into the Corps, he was subsequently involved in the trials and introduction of ATGW (Vigilant) before crossing into the 'Small Arms' field just as the GPMG was taking on the sustained-fire role at Hythe.


Other historic memories; being reunited with the Vickers in Oman's Dhofar War in 1974 while seconded to the Sultan's Armed Forces, and the Final Farewell by the British Army to 'the gun' shown on the right.

Kdesign has been providing web sites and e-commerce solutions for societies, businesses and organisations of all types since 1996.


About this web site

The structure of and the information portrayed on this web site is clearly defined:


  to provide general information about this unique collection
  to provide information about a training facility on foreign weapons
  to promote visits by members of the Armed Services
  to promote visits by education establishments and youth groups
  to promote researcher and collector appointments.


Historical information and details about each weapon exhibit are available to visitors at the collection and not as an on-line facility.


About a Visit

Contact the Officer in Charge of the Collection as per detail on the links page. Outline the reason for your proposed visit or group, and provide full contact details for his reply.


Visits are normally only on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 0930 and 1630 hours.




The Final Farewell to the Vickers at Bisley Ranges

14 July 2002

MMG Farewell Drumhead Service

The Drumhead service.


The firing farewell.


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