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Articles relevant to weapons from the SASC Man At Arms Journal are available as Portable Document Files (.pdf files) with links below. These articles are for information and may not be reproduced or forwarded to any third party.

Information in the articles is the responsibility of and copyright to the author and is not authenticated or officially established as correct or in keeping with the opinions or policy of the Trustees of the Infantry and SASC Weapons Collection.


Download articles are copyright and should not be reproduced or printed without the permission of the original author who may be contacted via the Officer in Charge of the Collection. Send an email request.


Simonov's Automatic Rifles & Bayonets

by Graham Priest (.pdf file 840Kb)

Download article

You gets just what you pays for.... (About the GPMG)

by Peter Laidler (.pdf file 122Kb)

The History of the Bayonet

by Graham Priest (.pdf file 234Kb)

Download Article

Advances in the Design of Military Small Arms

by Major (Retired) M. J. Fogwell, late SASC (.pdf 70Kb)

Download Article

China's Kalashnikov Rifes & Bayonets

by Graham Priest (.pdf file 593Kb)

Download Article

The Search for the Best - The other 'Enfield' Rifle of 1913
by Graham Priest (.pdf file 387Kb)

Download Article

A Weapon of the past? The ZB-30

by Peter Laidler (.pdf file 134Kb)

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