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The Pistol Room collection is made up of approximately 300 revolvers and pistols (numbers vary according to display emphasis).


The weapons date from circa 1640, a 3-chambered Dutch flintlock revolver, through to a pair of Napoleon's pistols (by Le Page of Paris), and thence via percussion, pinfire and rimfire weapons to modern arms.


The emphasis is on Service weapons, and of particular interest is an exhibition of the development of the British Service cartridge handgun from the 1867 Adams revolver to the present day.


Exhibits include trial weapons within the historical sequence varying from the Gabbett-Fairfax 'Mars' 8.5mm calibre of 1902 to the Smith & Wesson 0.357 Magnum.


Framed prints are displayed, not only in the pistol room but throughout the collection premises, with many fine examples of considerable historic value.


Photograph of pistols (right)

The pistols photographed in the cabinet (right) show the evolution of pistols, their ammunition and methods of firing, and it may or may not be surprising that the principles of firing mechanisms have not advanced much since the latest one in the cabinet (bottom right), and that was the German Mauser 7.63mm self-loading pistol made in 1903.


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Pistol Room

A section of the Pistol Room.

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Pistol Evolution principles