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The SASC Room is within the Weapons Collection complex and has many other weapons, accessories and items of specific historical value to the Small Arms School Corps. Since the founding of the School of Musketry in 1853 with the introduction of the Minie, it is no surprise that the instructors have been at the forefront of marksmanship and support for services competitive shooting.


Marksmanship trophies, medals, and presentation pieces are displayed, plus books, documents and photographic records associated with the Corps, shooting, its members, courses, training, demonstrations and specific events of the past. There are also some books from the Travers Library in this room.


Past members have donated many items to the Corps or to the collection for safe keeping, and the display concentrates information and artefacts relevant to current members and interest groups.


The Officer responsible for the weapons collection is also the Regimental Secretary SASC, and he is always looking for items, mementos and documents associated with the Corps. Articles may be donated for display in the SASC Room.


Demonstration to HM The Queen.

In 1993 Her Majesty The Queen visited Bisley, Surrey, and the SA80 was demonstrated using the rest displayed in the SASC Room and shown on the right. This rest plus earlier models have been used for many years to test various types of rifles for accuracy both during development and quality management after manufacture.






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A view in the SASC Room



SA 80 in Enfield Rest

The SA80 Rifle in 'Enfield' Rest