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The Travers Library was founded by Officers connected with the Musketry Staff of the Army, in memory of Colonel R U Travers (late 48th Foot) who, as Inspector General of Musketry, died in post on 28th January 1880.


The library now consists of some hundreds of volumes divided into sections:


bullet point Wars & Campaigns pre - 1914 bullet point World War 1
bullet point Wars & Campaigns 1918 - 1939 bullet point World War II
bullet point British Army - General Reference Section bullet point Foreign Armies
bullet point Weapons, Ammunition, Dress, Medals - Reference Section


Books are available for loan, with the exception of those in the Reference Sections, these latter only being available for study in situ.


A student 'illustration'


The watercolour on the right is a student cartoon (among many in the documents held) depicting a reaction to a lecture by General Anderson on 13th December 1920 at the Senior Officers School. The originator was none other than General HRLG Alexander who was well known for his WWII contribution in North Africa, who at the time of painting was a Major in the Irish Guards. He later became:

Governor General of Canada Field Marshal the Earl Alexander of Tunis, Sir Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander.


"Has anything changed?" might be a relevant question today.


The lady is reading the poem opposite and on the visible side of the letter is:


" 1st Bn DASHIRE L.I. 13 Dec 1920


My Dearest Staff Captain.

It doesn’t matter a bit that billets were not allocated to us, or no rations.

Poor little thing you are so hardworking. When are you coming to dine with me?

Yrs affect,

B. F. Browne"





One of many 'originals' of the collection on file.

Gen Alexanders print



“The best of relations don’t always exist,

Twixt the Staff and the troops in the line.

To improve these conditions must needs be our aim,

Which we’ll do in a very short time.

Don’t bother or argue the problem is simple,

Just think of the opposite sex.

What could be more charming to have on the Staff?

Than the girl draw by” ______H R Alex (signed)


by Major Hon. HRLG Alexander, Irish Guards.