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A Guest Day was held on Saturday 21st June 2008 when a selection of 49 visitors from Military, Educational, Commercial, Local Government, Social, Charitable and Youth Organisations were invited to tour the Collection and also fire selected weapons in the afternoon.


From many of the appreciative letters the excerpts shown below represent the importance of what was experienced and the recommendations.


Simon Bendry
Head of History - Kingdown School wrote:


"A quick note to thank you, your staff and instructors for a fascinating day on Saturday. My colleagues and I had a most enjoyable time - especially in the afternoon! We were very impressed with the collection and are very keen to use the collection in the future with our students.

From my own perspective I would very much like to establish links with you and use the collection as part of our AS Level studies. Although currently at Kingdown, I will be moving to Frome College in September. One of our new AS Level topics is entitled 'The Experience of Warfare in Britain: Crimea, Boer and the First World War, 1954-1929'. I am very keen to use the collection to give the pupils the opportunity to study first hand the development of weapons, and therefore the experience of war in this period.

If we could develop a programme for this, I would be more than willing to assist in its planning.


Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) M J R Motum

RIFLES Secretary ( Taunton ) wrote in a proposed letter to schools, CCFs and ACFs within Somerset and Bristol.


"If you are looking for a visit that considers our Nation’s history from an unusual viewpoint, a visit to the Infantry Weapons Collection might fit the bill. Expert guides can be arranged for groups and, acoustic wands are also available. Meanwhile assistance can be given with such areas as research and historical study.

This is a specialist Collection that has a broad historical appeal. Whether considering an organised day out, group or individual visit, may I suggest that you look at the website and see if a journey to the Infantry Weapons Collection at Warminster might fulfil your need



The above recommendations have been actioned and visit schedules are being arranged as a result.


21st June Guest Day Photographs


Guests being addressed by Lt Gen Graeme Lamb

Lt General Graeme Lamb addressing guests


George Shears presenting in the Rifle Room

Trustee George Shears presenting in the Rifle Room


A Pistol Room presentation in progress

A group of guests in the Pistol Room


Thompson SMG being fired by a guest

A guest firing the Thompson SMG

Photographs displayed on this page are by Staff